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The Ormond Rooms

The Ormond Rooms are two interconnecting rooms joined by a large archway, with both rooms featuring a fireplace at the far end (Ormond Street side). ...
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The Cooper Rooms

The Cooper Rooms are two interconnecting rooms joined by a single doorway. Both rooms can be accessed from the main entrance.The rear room also has...
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The Moran Room

The Moran Room is located off a second hallway accessed via the Juniper Gardens & Terrace.   This room has richly coloured, mixed hardwood timber floors, an...
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The Paddington Room

The Paddington Room is located towards the rear of Juniper Hall and interconnects with the Moran Room, it has a doorway which leads onto the back...
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Juniper Gardens

The Juniper Gardens & Terrace provide a beautiful outdoor space for welcome drinks, cocktails or morning and afternoon teas. Garden Hire also includes hire of either the...
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Kitchen/Preparation Area

Use of the kitchen/preparation area is provided with hire of any of our rooms.
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